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The hospital Pharmacy is open 24*7. It is well stocked and provides all the drugs that are prescribed by the doctors in the hospital. We have in our stocks some imported drugs too that are sometimes prescribed according to the need. Our pharmacy offers a range of services, including:

  1. Accurate and timely medication delivery
  2. Support for safe and proper medication management
  3. Vaccines
  4. Surgical accessories
  5. prosthesis and implants for various needs
  6. Post-surgical supplies
  7. Homecare testing devices (blood sugar, blood pressure)
  8. Skincare products

We have separate pharmacy for out- patients and in-patients to ensure.

In order to avoid the every time running around to fetch the medicine for the patient by the bye stander, Mission Hospital provides delivery of medicines to the patient private room by our staff.

The outreach clinics of Mission Hospital provide 8am to 8pm.  Pharmacy shop. Outreach clinics provide free home delivery of medicines for purchases above Rs 200. For different outreach clinics, please go to Outreach Clinics under facility section.

Ask about all the medications you are taking while in the hospital
You have the right to ask your doctor about the medications you are being given, at any time. Here are some examples of questions that you may like to ask:

  1. What is the name of the medication I am being prescribed?
  2. Why is it being prescribed to me?
  3. How long should I be taking it for?
  4. Are there any possible side effects?
  5. Why I am not being prescribed the medication(s) that I normally take at home?

Ask about all the medications you will be prescribed when you go home
When you are ready to go home, make sure you request an updated medication list if one has not already been provided to you. Your Caregiver will go over each medication with you and a family member so that you are familiar with:

  1. The name of the medication you are taking
  2. Why you are taking it
  3. How long you will be taking it
  4. Any possible side effects
  5. When and how to obtain refills
  6. What to do and who to call if you have any additional questions about your medications before and after you leave the hospital

If you have any additional enquires or comments on the services we offer, or if you would like to speak to one of our doctors regarding your medications, please call 9233355555 or visit our Contact Us section.





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